To keep your pieces looking their best, here’s a few ways to care for them.

Over time, silver exposed to the air and the skin may begin to tarnish. This is normal, and easily removed with a soft cloth. If any dirt is hard to shift, use a glass of warm water with a little dish soap and a soft toothbrush to gently work away any buildup.

Gold-plated silver is more delicate as the layer of plate is sensitive to heat, moisture, chemicals and friction. Keep your gold-plated pieces bright by avoiding direct contact with creams, perfumes and moisture - give skin a chance to absorb any products and dry thoroughly before putting on your jewellery again. Very lightly wipe your jewellery with the softest cloth you can find - microfibre or glasses cleaning cloth works well - after wearing to gently remove any daily dirt or dust.

Storing gold-plated pieces separately from silver jewellery is key to helping keep jewellery looking new, so consider individually wrapping pieces, storing them in their original box or investing in some (biodegradable) plastic baggies.

Whether your jewellery is solid gold or silver, or gold plated, it’s always best to remove your jewellery before exercising, sleeping, showering or using perfumes and creams to avoid any damage to the piece.

And, if you find a change in the appearance of your jewellery through natural wear, we offer a reconditioning service. Please get in touch to find out the price per piece at