Our bespoke service is for anyone who loves Robyn’s signature style but is looking to create an entirely unique piece of jewellery. This includes bespoke engagement rings, wedding rings and fine jewellery.

Robyn’s jewellery has always been rooted in narrative, focused on storytelling, so to be able to capture someone’s own and very personal story in a piece of jewellery feels incredibly special. There is nothing more rewarding than working alongside our bespoke customers to to find that perfect balance of stone colours, the personalised metal textures, to create a piece made only for them.

We have a library of textures to inspire your design, and can ethically source new or pre-loved stones to suit your style and budget. Robyn also works with heirloom stones - predominantly diamonds and sapphires - to give these time-honoured pieces a new life.Get in touch to start your bespoke journey here.

The Process
Our bespoke process begins with a complimentary consultation, during which we explore your initial inspiration. It can take many forms, from an image of antique jewellery to a coastline that’s sentimental to you.

With these references, Robyn will sketch a series of designs that can be continually refined until we create your perfect piece. After the final design is selected, Robyn models it in 3D - as wax or a computer render - that is cast and then finished by hand in her London.


It takes between 3 and 3.5 months to create a bespoke design, so please allow time for your piece to be crafted. Prices begin at £350 for fine jewellery or wedding rings and £1500 for engagement rings.

View our gallery of previous bespoke pieces here.

Get in touch here to discuss your bespoke creation here.