Sports Day re-imagines the 'well-done-for-trying' badge to create a playful celebration of the emotions, equipment and adornment associated with school sports day.

Traditional medals worn by the military on the chest, or on a ribbon around the neck for sporting events, were important visual references in making the pieces recognisable as medals in their broadest interpretation. Materials associated with comical races at Sports Day - the skipping rope and hessian sack races - have been playfully reworked and encased by 18ct gold-plated hardware to subvert tradional conceptions of permance and preciousness.

Sponsored by Swarovski, the collection is emblazoned with crystals in patterns reminiscent of woven skipping ropes and playground counting. Repeated with hand-embroidery, they become a motif that links and intertwines to create oversized forms that move with the body with sparkle and whimsical charm.


With great thanks to Swarovksi
Photography by Lauren Maccabee
Art Direction by Kate Jeffries